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Safari comments 2009

It was not the destination that we chose from Italy!
High need of vacation anyway
Budget flight to Zanzibar
Here we are and want to take advantage of the most that is possible in Tanzania…..
So we got a recommendation from a fellow Italian in Zanzibar for Tanzania Private Select Safaris
We called them from Zanzibar and we got a very good impartation on this company!!
So …… let leave for a safari
The Safari was a great experience, so different style of life comparing to busy Milan, wonderful animals that we shall never forget!!!
Problem we have had for the flight back to Zanzibar is not your fault that is why we say
We when back in Italy we shall definitely recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris to fellow Italians and especially to our Travel Agent who organized our flight to Zanzibar 
Tanzania Private Select Safaris keep it up for wonderful work that you are doing. You are an open book and you keep your cards on the table not like other companies that we have visited when we were shopping around in Arusha.
We would like to give you one compliments of your office!!! Once one walk in to your office it is truly a safari office
Thank you once again for every thing
Akiane and Gretans from Milan Italy


We love you guys!!!!  Especially Danni, He is the men!!!! He is just great!! You guys are great in fixing everything for us we have had a great safari for 6 days
Thank you and you can be used as references in the future
Much love
Maria and Sunni from Denmark


First of All Aafeez Thank you for moving the camp from Seronera Valley to Moru Kopjes it was just great and we were in the middle of the Migration for the 3 days out of 5 days that we were in Moru Kopjes
Let me start off by saying that the safari totally exceeded our expectations (which, based on everything we read about the Serengeti, were pretty high!) The Serengeti itself is so amazing. We are honored and humbled to have been able to witness it first hand, with all its raw power and glory. The endless golden plains and reaching blue skies, without interruption of buildings and roads, inspire a sense of great freedom that lingers on with bittersweet memory as we introduce ourselves back into our normal post-safari lifestyle, with its city and traffic, etc.
The beginning of each Serengeti day started with a brilliant golden sunrise and ended with a simmering orange sunset that cast its hue and spell over the land and cloudscapes with breathtaking beauty, beyond that of the picture books we'd studied in anticipation of our trip. The animals themselves were of course the stars of the show, and the big cats the very highlight of the experience. I still remember the thrill I had when I saw my first cheetah (my favorite big cat!) in Gol Kopjes - which began with a great race across the plains in pursuit of a single female cheetah leaving us in the dust and ended with a very intimate experience with three male cheetahs that were honored to share the late morning with as they relaxed, stretched and strolled within 5 feet of our Land Rovers  
On a different morning, we got chills as we watched a huge male lion stroll silently and slowly across the road right in front of us in the pale light of dawn on our drive from Kusini with his giant expanse of golden mane and his quiet confidence - he truly had the presence of a king! I can also remember, on a different day, the low growl of a leopard in the grass less than 15 feet from our jeep, that we couldn't see (until later when he finally left his cover) but we could definitely hear - I almost want to describe the experience as we were able to "feel" his growl it was so low and deep and seemed to vibrate all the way through to your soul.

We have seen so many big cats that I eventually lost count, and we really appreciate the fact that we saw so many leopards since many safari travelers never even see one. There was also the surreal moment near Moru Kopjes one morning when over 60 elephants drifted slowly between our vehicle, with their tiny babies and huge matriarch mothers and every size of elephant in between - one of our fellow travelers described it later by likening it to heaven, and I think she was pretty close. I honestly could go on and on - about the rhino mother and it's baby that charged the lions, about the elephant that challenged us in the crater, about the baby lion cub that we were able to glimpse in the bushes, about the heart-pounding thrill of watching both lions & cheetahs hunt
We had a thief in Camp at Moru 6 Special Campsite!!!! And it was a Cat a Jennet. She had gotten used to people that she would walk though the camp and steal every body’s attention and then walk towards the kitchen and Doto our BKK (“Bush Kitchen King”) would give her some thing as he thought that she had a litter of kittens and was milking
I can't say enough great things about our Driver Guides. We remain completely awed at their incredible ability to spot animals. We still don't understand how they spotted so many with the naked eye when we would have trouble seeing them with binoculars at first! They are also so gracious and patient with us "tourists" and we are grateful for that. They bent over backwards to make our experience wonderful, and they were very empathic about our viewing and photographic needs by making sure we had the best views and turning off the vehicle whenever we wanted to take pictures, sometimes even suggesting different angles or lighting for our pictures!
The highlight of this safari was 5 nights private camping Out of Africa Style in Moru Kopjes we were a group of 8 people and it was amazing that we had fresh fruits and vegetables though out our stay in Moro Kopjes.
Doto then showed us hid bush fridge it all made of charcoal and it kept all the vegetables and fruits very cool
Tanzania Private Select Safaris thank you so much for this Great Safari
Timothy and family from Kansas USA


Thanks for a very nice trip, we saw everything that was to be seen and we wanted to see and more than that.
Thank you for providing us one of you best of the best Hugo and Paul as driver guide and bush cook respectively.
They were the best.
All the best
The Big Five Danes

Thank you so much for a wonderful safari
One is filled with lots of and that is hard to consider now haw many times, that I have been in Africa. The guide and the cook were excellent; they made me feel someone special especially I was a single female traveler
Wishing you TPSSL the greatest Success, I know who I am going to recommend for future safaris
Being a single female traveller and has visited Africa for more than 7 years. I feel very comfortable with TPSSL after taking  a safari  for 16 days and my guide from SA getting sung by a Scorpion in Malambo Spending the night it the wilderness after getting stuck in deep mud on the way to Nasera Rock
My fellow female traveller from San Diego California USA
I have had the best time of my life with TPSSL
For more info contact me
Marian R Valeri mrvaleri@sbcglobal.net
And I shall tell you all about my experience with TPSSL from Start to finish of my 15 days experience in Tanzania (off the beaten track Safari in Rainy season)

We have had an amazing trip with our driver guide Hugo, We saw the big five and many other animals. The Panoramic vies of the Serengeti and other national parks were just great it was breath taking .We really enjoyed it from start to finish. Our Guide Hugo was just too good. Paul our cook made some fantastic food that we will have in a 5 star hotel. It was just fantastic
In Overall we have just had a fantastic trip with this  company TPSSL .We are from Montreal and we will tell our fellow Canadians that  you can trust this company . They deliver on their promises
Chanpreet and Suraye from Montreal Canada

We have just returned from our 15 days trip. I cannot say enough about how impressed I have been with Tanzania Private Select Safaris. They were personable, attentive and more than willing to make sure our safari went well. This truly was a personalized and tailor made safari.
They took into account our budget, the time of year we could travel and my wife's anxieties and made it a wonderful experience for both of us
The highlight of the Safari was Select Camping “Out of Africa” Style. It brought us closer to nature and closer to Africa just as there slogan says!!!! We had Elephants, Buffalos, Zebras, other plains game in camp and Baboon that stole our Peanut butter when having breakfast one morning this was Africa at its best.
We would like to thank Msuya for feeding us well(one complain to Msuya) Too much testy food that  could not be resisted  we have put on some pounds , Bakari for the hot showers and always smiling and Edward for being our personal waiter.
Seating by the fire one night after dinner with our guide Hugo one night and we heard the Lions roar at a very close distance asked Hugo how far and he said very close!!  But there is nothing to fear they will not come close to camp as we have the fire on.
Next morning we found them and they were about 300 mts from the camp it was a family of 12 with cubs and a huge male with a Buffalo Kill.
Hugo goes and tells us that is why the Boss calls it Lions Camp (we are bound to see lions at Tuner A Special Campsite) and we are not far from the water hole (Turner Springs)
 It probably was one of the smoothest vacations we have ever taken.
This is a company that you can trust will deliver on their promises

Joy & Pricilla Hardwood from NY USA

We had a trip contracted with animals, we saw everything that was to be seen from two Leopards, cheetahs, lions (male and females) , Mongoose and verity of birds ( ostrich ,African Eagle , Fish Eagle, Crested  Eagle all in All Dickson showed us over 300 types of birds on this trip this was fascinating !
I believe that the first rains in the Serengeti brought us luck, the blue sky, the plains, the Animals and  the distant mountains made for spectacular scenery .Ngorongoro was the highlight of the safari  with the Hippo pool at  the round table where we stayed to observe  the Hippo Family with it young .
The competition in Serengeti was spectacular with animals walking around and near by . Lake Manyara  is just a nice national park where one can get very close to the Elephants , they rule the park by staying on the road and showing us there  big butts !!!
It was just great
Dickson is a kind man of good reputation but he is very quiet it takes time for him to open up
We have had a lovely time with him. I wish the guides in Kenya were like him.
We have had some lovely time with him.
He knows the entire place in all the National Parks that we have visited.
We will recommend Dickson and his company that he works with Tanzania Private Select Safaris to my fellow Mexicans
It’s a company that you can trust 
Ferrier from Mexico City

Thank you for a fantastic trip!!! Special thanks to Dickson for being a great guide and a driver at the same time!!! We saw some amazing sights and will truly cherish the memories and photos of our holidays this has been the best 5 days of our holidays. Thanks
We will recommend you to travel with Tanzania Private Select Safaris 
Annette and Paul from Melbourne Australia 

It all started from one Email  that we wrote to TPSSL and within 30 min we got a reply from them  they are quick in replying  there inquiry Emails and that is the time we decided  to go with them.
We are Vets working in UK
Thank you for a great tour to Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
It was just great with a driver like Hugo who has eyes of an Eagle that we managed to see the Big 5 and so much more that he could find animals far away. Paul “BABA TAU” he should be working in a 5 star hotel in Europe his meals were just great specially his soups!!! MTORI banana soup was our favourite soup of the whole trip that we asked him to make it on the last day of the safari in Ngorongoro.
This was a very special experience the best ever camping safari that we have done by far. They are just great
The last night we stayed at the hotel but we preferred to stay in the tents. We shall came back to see more of Tanzania soon
We are two Britons who are totally satisfied with the service that was offered to us by TPSSL
We highly recommend this company they have the same service similar to a company in Namibia that we have travelled with a few times Wild Dog & Crazy Kudu Safaris
Tanzania Private Select Safaris keep it up

Michael and Wendy Colgan from UK

Thank you for a great trip , we went  for 5 days  safari to Tarangire was wonderful , Lake  Manyara full of Greek , Serengeti was  just wonderful and Ngorongoro was the climax of the whole trip  it was  the best of all . The rhino was hidden far away, so it gives us an excuse to come back next time!!!
The was Guide was just great the cook one of the best his soups were better than the ones we have in Jeddah  at the hospital
TPSSL gave us the best
We were 3 female nurses from Saudi Arabia traveling on our own and we felt so safe with TPSSL They took good care of us to the day we depart from Arusha to Nairobi            
All in all female travellers rest assure that you are in good hands when you travel with TPSSL; they look after you to the end.  
We ladies recommend this safari outfitter highly!!!! All the best in the future TPSSL

Katarina and friends from Czech Republic working medical nurses in Saudi Arabia


Back for the second time!!!!!! in 6 weeks We couldn’t have asked for more, brilliantly organised trip, thank you very much Mike and his boss, We saw all the animals in 3 days except  the Leopard.
The trip took us to Tarangire, Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater, we had done in our last trip , we had done 6 days and did not see the Leopard
Tanzania Private Select Safaris is recommended by us and that is why we have come back for the second time, they are just too good.
We have got fabulous pictures and life time of memories
Thank you TPSSL
Guardia and Hector from UK

Thank you for a great trip went on a 6 day Safari to Tarangire, Lake Manyara Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. We saw lots of animals only missed the Rhino. Nice Camping grounds Hugo is a Great Guide. Paul is one of the greatest cook, with his soups it’s just wonderful. They are better then the ones we have had in the lodges.
Both Hugo and Paul took good care of us when we were on safari
One thing for sure the fruit testing at Mto Wa Mbu was one of the best things that I have done.
The big fat Mama in red skin (never seen Red Banana’s) but I did in Mto Wa Mbu and you have one and you forget about lunch
We will recommend TPSSL they are very reliable and very honest on what they sold to us.
Camilla & Line from Denmark


Went on a 6 day safari to Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater with a fabulous guide Hugo and Paul. All Parks were excellent; Serengeti (the endless Plains) was just amazing. Hugo has eyes of an Eagle and can see what we cannot see from a very far distance. He is just amazing!!!
We definitely will recommend you Tanzania Private Select Safaris for their excellent service.
They are reliable and we shall recommend them
Kanch and Bennie from Switzerland


I had the though but a great experience climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The people who took us there were awesome in thee skills as mountaineers and dealing with people like “US”
They were always prompt, respectful, courteous anticipating and what we needed very supportive when we seemed to be losing faith in the trek
I specially want to recognise   Ezekiel, Charlie and Simon for there hard work patience and good organisational skills   great workers.
Food was very good & plenty always cognates to the cook
Then I had another good adventure on the 04.10.09 Losai going  to the Maasai market and Villa , this young man  can run for  office  because every one knows  him had a very  good educational   trip with him it was  just great
We did a eco friendly tour around the villages around the slopes on Mt.Meru
The two day safari was also the part of this awesome time in Arusha I even had and half hours rollercoaster drive on the way up the crater and one and half rollercoaster on the way out of the Ngorongoro Crater
All in all we saw lots of animals in Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater
Thank you for a great experience and all the help and extras
Nancy Lopez Morales from Mexico

 After being on Safari for 16 days
This trip certainly ranks up with the best vacations we have had. We have been too many wonderful places, but Tanzania ranks in the top two or three places we have been, along with Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands. It is a wonderful experience to see the animals in the wild interacting with each other and the environment in a beautiful and natural setting. We could not believe the number of animals that we saw. We are also very glad that we chose a private safari so that we could do what we wanted, when we wanted to do it. Hugo was great and all of the lodges and camps made us feel like royalty. We would recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris to anyone who wants to travel to Tanzania.
Fernando Gomes and family from Mexico


Don’t go!!!!!!
Stay at home and watch the discovery Channel or go to a zoo if you want to see the animals
Alive!!!! “JUST JOCKING”
The Safari we took with Tanzania Private Select Safaris was great you will fall in love with these places that they will take you
They are the best
I shopped around and they gave me the best deal on the whole safari for 5 days 4 nights safari
Lene Anderson

Thanks for our 4 days safari
Tarangire – Ngorongoro – Lake Manyara
Nuru is a great cook & Dickson is a great safari guide and a safe driver
The camping safari was good fun and we saw lots of animals in the parks
Max , Kate , Owen & Mike


This day has been marvellous but I have not understand any thing so I am happy because its the best experience in my life , I thank you all
I’m the Spanish man who took a shower with the lion who was trapped in the next room
They warned me  but as I have said  I did  not understand what they were saying  to me so I did  not care  till  in the evening I saw the video of the female lion
God is on my side I was Lucky
Titinto Maz


Awesome Experience Hugo (Our Driver Guide) was fantastic wide knowledge informative and very involved no matter the situation  
Paul (Our Cook) amazing 5 star food and should be cooking for a Tamarind Restaurant and also amazing potential as a guide
Ryan Doyle  


Wow!!!! Thank you for the safari Mike Hugo and Paul for an unforgettable trip!!!! Memories that will be treasured for ever especially the Spanish man who showers with the Lions
Many thanks
Amy & Duncan
South Africa 


I went on a 3 days 2 nights Safari with 4 strangers and loved it
Never camped before but spent 2 nights in a tent and I just loved it. The Parks were incredible.
The food was great and was really impressed with the food was really great really impressed with the dinner will recommend this trip to all
Northampton England    


We did a 3 day safari to Tarangire – Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater
It was fantastic trip
We came back with smiles on our faces but at the same time we were very dirty
That is the whole thing about camping that is the fun part of it
Emily & Don


Warned in the guide books of dodgy safari operators and I can only say this is not one of them
Tanzania Private Select Safaris on Joel Maeda Street the office is nest to the General Post office on 1st Floor They have a great office
Superbly looked after from start to finish even though we were at the budget end of the Market
Wildlife was fantastic only missed out on the exclusive Leopard
I will recommend you all about Tanzania Private Select Safaris to fellow travellers
They deliver what they promise and they did
Mike & Aafeez keep it up for a great safari they are just great
Alland Hart UK

Tarangire +Manyara + Ngorongoro
All we had was a fantastic experience in all 3 National Parks and were very comfortable at the campsites
We will recommend it to all that they travel with Tanzania Private Select Safaris
Ngorongoro Crater was breath taking
Hannah Plelanj
London England

3 days safari
We went to 3 different reserves and I loved them all
The highlight is definitely the close encounter with an Elephant and seeing the Leopard resting in a tree by the road  
This was great Safari
Jenny Burmester

We will highly recommend Tanzania private Select Safaris
The Safari was great and very well organised
The meals that were prepared by the cook were yummy and plentiful
The tour guide was full of knowledge and he knew what he was doing and where to take us to see the wildlife
Every thing was PERFECT
Highly Recommended

6 days Mt Kilimanjaro climb: Marangu Route
Wonder full Staff, amazing food very well organised
No problem at all
Bring with you hand and feet warmers
Michelle & Diane Bailey


Had a great safari
Saw lots of animals far more then expected
Tenting it 
Certainly makes it more of an adventure
The driver guide and the cook were great

Great Safari! 2 days trip to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater
We picked the company because we are students and wanted the best deal, but directly got our money’s worth! Comfortable overnight stay with great food for 2 days were excellent: close up encounter with Elephants at Manyara and a rare Cheetah sighting in Ngorongoro!
Bryson was very helpful
We were very happy
Thank you for a great safari for two days
Iain Linsey and Tash


Thank you for a very good time!
We saw lots of animals the only we did not see was the Rhino and the Leopard
Our Safari guide was very polite and nice
We stopped when ever we wanted
The food was great and we got a lot of it
All together a vary nice travel with Tanzania Private Select Safari   to Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park
Rudrigo, Lara
South America

Thoroughly enjoyable Experience 
We did not know what to expect in the Serengeti!!! But it exceeded any thoughts we have had
Plenty of game to see particularly Lions, in fact we got board seeing lions in the Serengeti National Park.
 The highlight of the safari included seeing 4 Cheetahs, Leopard, and Hippos out of the water
This was just fantastic
The food in Camp was just great so was the driver guide
Fernando Cancelli & David Andrew x 3 Australia

Where do I start? Sanga our driver guide was efficient; it was great having Aafeez meet us prior to the safari to provide us the safari program.
Our Safari took us to Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National park and  to Ngorongoro Crater
The ride was bumpy and we got a free massage while going to Serengeti National Park
Time was short
Next time we shall spend more time in Serengeti National Park 2 days is not enough. One full day is just a transit point from Lake Manyara it’s a long drive
We should have listened to Aafeez when we were putting the Itinerary together
Next time we need to take a safari for 6 days 5 nights
We saw lots of animals but time was to short
Our accommodations was just great
Kirurumu Luxury Tented Lodge in Lake Manyara (it was Tanzania under canvas)
Seronera Wildlife Lodge we did not have how water
Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge: Big rooms great Service!!!  Hot and cold water
Thank you Tanzania
Anar Kamdar & Family

We had an unforgettable experience on Safari, Had the opportunity   to see a wide range of animals in a wide range of settings. We couldn’t ask for better guide Dickson was kind prompt, knowledgeable & extremely hard working.
He took great care of us and assured that we were well accommodated and getting a good balance of daily activities.
We would recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris to all our family and friends in a heartbeat. Thank you very much for setting this up for us
Hope to see you all soon!!
Natasha, Naqaash, Jacqui & Sarah
Sarah:  8sk21@queensu.ca
Natasha: 3nd1@queensu.ca
Jacqui: jwillinsky@rogers.com

We had a 3 day trip to Oldupai Gorge the cradle of mankind, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.
It was amazing!!!!! Both the driver and the cook they were very professional and nice.
We had a great time, unforgettable, Thank you very much for this lifetime experience to see this wonderful places in Tanzania
Ester Brama

Our trip was fantastic! We have had a great time with Sunny and Paul   they made us feel at home.
The food was great Scramble eggs were a treat!
Thank you for this great safari experience   we just loved it
Janice – Karen- Rachel - Nora 


Lovely trip
Saw so much
The camping was a lot of fun especially with an Elephant near by.
The cook was wonderful, we love him
The driver guide was okay an a bit slow
All in all lovely trip it was
Greetings from Holland
Tessa & Sophie

Despite being covered with natural powder (dust) we have had a great time
The animals were just great but driving was to slow due to the Serengeti roads!!!!
Also the safari vehicle was full of people and camping equipment
The cook was great & extremely hard working
The Driver guide was knowledgeable but did not keep us in hope
We did see two Leopards that was great
The campsite in Manyara and in Ngorongoro were amazing
Thank you so much for Great Safari
Ann & Lauren

Our trip to Lake Manyara was a good start to see & the camp ground was a welcome sight
The Serengeti National Park was great and the cook took very good car of us each and every day.
To day we were in the crater and although we did not see any Rhinos we had a nice day and the  camp ground had great views . The guide had moments that were decent and there were times he was frustrated with him, Moody   the cook tented to sort things for us and get the guide going this was positive of him

Had a great time
The staffs of TPSSL was helpful and friendly
We had a great group joined in together
We saw lots of animals
The camp was great
Ron Mathews

Hugo led a great trip in to the Serengeti, Lake Manyara and the crater
We saw all shorts of animals including Lions leopards Cheetahs Elephants and may others
No one can match Hugo’s Lough
Thank you Paulo for the great food
Rob Callahan & Scott Woodbury

Our trip to Serengeti was wonderful
We enjoyed our safari very much
Thanks to Hugo our driver guide he drives very safely though one of the best roads of the Serengeti that gives us a free massage
The food that was cooked by Paul was just too good and was better then the food that we good then in the lodges.  Its was so delicious
Camilia and Milam Romemer

First of all I want to say that the food was just too good!!! Chakula Tamu Sana! So Asante Sana to the cook
We saw lots of animals ---- Lions so we are happy
The driver guide drove to good spots in the crater you can imagine
Be very clear about the amount of the tip we owe to the driver / cook because they deserve for there hard work
All in all we have had a great time with TPSSL on Safari


Thoroughly enjoyed our trip
The animals were fantastic
Service that was rendered by Tanzania Private Select Safaris and the driver /guide as very good
The Lodges were very interesting
The Food was good
Thank you Aafeez
R. Remtulla & Family
Toronto / Vancouver

Great Safari
Just returned from a beautiful safari, chasing the Great Migration of the Wildebeest!!!
Our Guide was flexible to follow them within the Serengeti National Park
We had great weather
GPS coronations where the Migrations was, all thanks to the Pilots who fly the skies of the Serengeti and the driver guide was keeping a tag on them
The weather was just great,
The food was just great
The group was just great

We had great trip. We saw all the Big 5 plus several Cheetahs
Hugo was a Great driver and very knowledgeable
Food on Safari was just great 
All in all it was very good experience

Nice time with good sightings of different animals
Last day with pride of Lions, Cheetahs was especially good
Good warm up for Mt Kilimanjaro Climb
Daniel – Johan – Derrick – Markus

We had an awesome trip  to Mt Kilimanjaro  via Machame Route
We chosen the 6 day itinerary and everything went perfectly alright
The food on the mountain was excellent (thanks to Paul) and the team made it possible to reach the summit as planned
We appreciate the work of the potters, guides and the cook
Thank you a for the memorable experience
Monica & Tim

We had a wonderful trip to Lake Manyara national Park and Ngorongoro Crater
The camp was nice and the food was great
Except they forgot the sleeping bag, but this was not a problem at all
The driver guide got us the forgotten sleeping bag as it was cold at night from the hotel
He managed to get us a duvet that was much better then a sleeping bag
Ngorongoro Crater what an amazing place
Its just 4 hrs away from Arusha
We were sad to leave this 8th natural wonder of the world

The 7 days Kilimanjaro Climb via Machame Route was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
The crew was just great and we all made it to the top!!!
I will recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris to all

Ilona – Miila – Patricia
Finland / Holland

It was a great safari to Ngorongoro Crater
Was really good, breath taking views and we were able to see a number of animals
The hotel accommodation and the food was very good
The Safari arrangement were really good and we came back in good time
Would recommend this safari outfitters to others
Thank you

What a great Safari!!!!
Dickson was an amazing guide and Paul a superb chef
“Budget” was definitely not how it felt
We felt pampered by the service
We saw the big 5 and much much more
Dickson even went out of his way so we could see the Wildebeest Migration
Could not be happier
Than you everyone
Liz Oler
New York

Awesome is the word to describe
My one day trip to Ngorongoro Crater, the camp was great very clean
Food was just great. They even prepared a vegetarian meal for me
The Guide was great too.
I will recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris to every one
Anshu Gupta

Had an amazing week, saw all the big 5and plenty more
Amazing experience
Amazing food and I have overused the word amazing
We will recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris with out hesitation
Kogan Esaw – Melody Quill -  Sam & Ilima
Canada             USA                        UK

Had a really fantastic trip with Private Select Safaris,
Both our driver and cook were splendid and we saw all of the big 5 !!!! The Safari was really good or its value for what I saw
I will recommend Tanzania Private Select Safaris
Richard White

Had a great time overall, although I was sick for part of the trip after coming down the mountain.
Hugo the driver /guide was great has a great sense of humour and very knowledgeable, the food that was cooked by Francis was better the   food we have had in the hotel and on the mountain.
We have just had a great time for 5 days 4 nights
Axel W

Hugo the driver Guide was great, very knowable and accommodative. He made the trip!!!!!
Francis (Kobelo) made some great food too!!!
Every one in our group had a great time
This was one hell of a safari   
Los Angeles / California

Wonderful trip
Better then expected!!! Was excellent!!!! Service with driver guide Hugo and cook Francis
I just loved this safari and would recommend it highly
Seattle, WA

I cannot express my deep gratitude for the experience, service all friendship provided by Tanzania Private Select Safaris Team
From the fisrt moment I met them and walked in the office I felt at home
My first Safari ( I was lucky enough  to do two safaris) was magical , I was blessed  to have Hugo as my guide and he took extra special care of me as a photographer and  he showed  to know were all the animals hide outs
The first trip was to Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Arusha Park
All were great   though Arusha park I found it boring after the excitement of the migration in the Serengeti
My Second Safari included Nasera Rock which was AWESOME!!!!!! and Ndutu  which was wonderful in its own way all along both the safaris I got to experience a variety of accommodation from regular campsites  to Special campsites “Out Of Africa Style” ( my Favourite!!! So romantic and charming) to high end luxury (Mbalageti is FANTSTIC) and I always felt incredibly well taken care of. Infect I am laving Tanzania sadly having become part of TPSSL Family!!!!
I would recommend any of there safaris to any one, you can rest assure that you are in good hands here
Love to be team
Pillar Woodman
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My trip to Mt Kilimanjaro was not a mountain trip finish; it was disappointing in a way, but satisfying in another way. It was disappointing after putting so much work and finish just short.
But it was satisfying in the way your heart, your mind and your body works together every step of the way , I would like  to thank  Tanzania Private Select  Safaris  for setting  up a wonder full  crew , I enjoyed their hospitality very much
Khuong VA

We enjoyed the entire safari, especially in Ngorongoro; the Staff in the camp, the cook and the guide was very friendly and professional.
We shall never forget these 3 days
Asante Sana
Haggle ‘
Ibasq Country

13 03.09
We spent 4 days exploring Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
Hugo Was our Guide, he was just superb and really made a difference, we were fortunate to see the “BIG 5”
All members in our group had a good experience!!! Thanks to all the members of TPSSL for a fun time
Mark Rossi

We had an amazing time for our 3 days
Each day was filled with spectacular animals
Our guide was great
Darren Clifford


The three days safari with our guide Dickson and cook Nuru and the rest of the company was just excellent!!! Dickson went out of his way to make sure we had exposure of the animals as possible
The trip was to Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Crater
Thank you every one!!!!!
Moises Huerta

Thank you for an amazing experience
We did not quite manage the “big five “but four of them isn’t bad!!! all the parks were beautiful and we would recommend your service to the others .
Asante Sana
Victoria & Jo

Was a Great Experience!!! Thanks allot, very friendly & knowable guide who told us a lot of interesting things about the animals and the national parks.
The food in camp was much better then food we have had in the hotels when on safari with TPSSL
We would like to come back one day and see it all over again
Feel free to get in contact with us: mal-elf@hotmail.com   for more details
Jana & Alex
Berlin (Germany)

Very nice guide, good cook!!!!!  They both are very friendly Diki our driver guide know very much about the animals, Serengeti and  the crater .We saw so many animals like  Elephants Hippos , Gnu , Zebras , Lions , Cheetahs ……… and many more  !!!!! We have been so close to them!!!!
The food was very good and was always enough, this has been a great adventure for us.
So we wish the Team Privet Select Safaris only the best in the future!!! we will be back soon
Thomas & Barbara
From the UK 

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